Injection Molding

At Empire Precision Plastics, we specialize in industrial injection molding and deliver a wide range of durable and high-quality components. We utilize cutting-edge equipment and our industry-leading expertise to create high-performing precision industrial molding solutions. We excel at precision molding of feature rich components.

Our Idea Factory will use filling simulation software to identify areas of improvement for manufacturability. Our Technology Center will then use the latest technology to create high precision molds and process development for Operations, where quality components are repeatedly manufactured.


- MoldEx3D (filling simulation software)

- High Precision Production Molds (Full Frame, MUD Units)

- Scientific Injection molding

- Help with material selection

- Experience with most materials: amorphous, semicrystalline, high temp, UV, “filled” materials (no PVC)


- Wire & Sinker EDM

- High Speed CNC Milling

- Ultrasonic Welding

- Pad Printing

- Production and Assembly Automation

- Insert, over-mold, 2-shot molding, MuCell molding

- ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 13485:2016)


- Caron Water Filter

- Electric Meter

- Electric Transformer

- Food Grade Conveyor

- Plastic Pump