Tooling Services

The team at Empire features highly skilled toolmakers. Our in-house tooling operation includes high-speed CNC milling, wire EDM, and sampling presses, Empire is the go-to source for your tooling needs.

Empire Difference

Tooling & Production

From prototype injection molding to production, the seasoned team at Empire manages your project and offers full part development. The machinists, toolmakers, and designers that make up our highly skilled team are trained in the latest design software, including Siemens NX, Mastercam, and Solidworks. We also utilize MoldFlow software to fully optimize your plastic part.

The importance of tool maintenance cannot be understated. They’re critical assets to your corporation. The condition of the injection mold directly affects the quality of the plastic components produced. Inconsistent maintenance can result in expensive repairs and jeopardize your supply. At Empire, we pride ourselves on regularly performing preventative tool maintenance to lower the cost of ownership, improve productivity, and protect your investment.

Injection Molding Tool Building

At Empire, our facility features fully capable in-house injection mold manufacturing. Our tool room includes wire EDM and high-speed CNC milling.

Empire’s engineering team also offers expert assistance in the review of existing tool designs. Our team can then recommend any changes based on that review to improve tool longevity and part quality.

Our Technology Center also features 3 sampling presses.  This allows us to offer added value to our customers beyond tool building by incorporating process development, sampling, validation, and short-run/pilot production, if required, for new product launches.

Transfer Tooling

Empire has successfully completed more than 1,000 injection mold tooling transfer programs, from a single tool to hundreds at a time. Empire’s engineering team also offers expert assistance in the review of existing tool designs. As part of the injection mold tooling maintenance, Empire Precision Plastics offers free, in-depth evaluations of

- Tooling

-Molded parts

-And the molding process.

We start by diagnosing the problem and review the available solutions to get your program back on track. Our team then recommends changes based on that review to improve tool longevity and part quality.

Empire’s injection mold tooling transfer services has helped many customers who experienced quality problems at their previous vendor and brought their mold to us. Poor part quality can stem from issues with process, tooling, part design, or a combination.  We can accept as few as one tool to hundreds of tools at once. For every transfer, we strive to minimize downtime and meet product quality. For additional information please contact our representatives.