Polymer Optics

Polymer Optics can be found in an array of industrial applications and are well known for their lightweight characteristic and design malleability that can include complex design shapes. Our injection molding facility is dedicated to polymer optic capabilities and offers single-point diamond turned prototypes for research and development projects, along with full-scale production.

Below are the most common types of polymer optic resins, contact us to learn more about the best polymer optic material grades for your project.

  • Acrylic
  • Isoplast
  • Ultem/Extem
  • Zeonex/Zeonor
  • Topas
  • Optical Polyester
  • Radel
  • Polystyrene
  • Polycarbonate

Empire Precision is a vertically integrated custom polymer optics supplier that can help with design, prototyping, tooling, molding, thin films coatings, and systems assembly all under one roof.

Areas of Expertise:

Empire Precision is DDTC, ITAR, and ISO 9001 registered and has a robust export compliance program in place for all aspects of our precision optical manufacturing process. Bring your next project to Empire Precision, where your ideas take shape!

Empire Difference

World Class Manufacturing

At Empire Precision Plastics, we value each of our customers’ business. Therefore, we are continually developing value-add manufacturing and assembly services to offer our customers. In addition to our expertise with design & manufacture of complex tools, process development based on scientific molding principles and assigned project management staff, we offer many secondary and assembly techniques to complete your unique project with a single manufacturing source.

Our molders are trained in the art of optical molding. Mold flow process analysis and thorough F.M.E.A. is controlled by the Project Manager to ensure quality and quantity.


Our integrated approach to design enables optical components to become part of the total solution, including how they interface with the other non-optical components.

We are consistently investing in advanced optical metrology equipment solutions to measure ever-tighter tolerances for opaque and optical parts. Our metrology department currently includes:

Injection Molding Process Metrology

  • IQMS Quality Management Software
  • Omnimark Mark 3 Material Moisture Analyzer
  • Zeiss Calypso Servo-driven CMM
  • RJG Process Monitoring
  • Dynisco Melt Flow Indexer

Empire Precision Plastics is the single source solution for polymer optics. Offering electro optical assembling for an array of industries. If your program’s success depends on assemblies and sub-assemblies that are well-aligned, on time, and at the right total cost. Our in-house secondary and assembly services improve your total program cost by improving quality and production time.

From the simple assembly of mating components to turn-key electro-optical system assembly of a finished product, Empire provides value-added electro optical assembly services that save you time and money.

These services include:

  • Pre-launch prototyping for product evaluation
  • Custom packaging
  • Kitting
  • Complete or partial component assembly
  • Capability studies and validation

Our assembly services include:

  • Full-service molding and assembly solutions
  • Work cells operating within the molding cycle
  • Manual, semi-automated, and fully automated assembly
  • Injection molding with integrated down-stream assembly
  • Ultrasonic welding, heat staking, machining, decorating, and testing
  • Electro-Optical Assembly

Empire Precision Optics is a single-source solution to your most complex and innovative projects. We manufacture and assemble systems that combine electronics and plastic optics, and we work with your engineering staff to integrate the best possible solutions.

Thin Films

Empire provides a complete suite of optical thin film solutions for plastic and glass coating including; Multi-layer BBAR (TiO2/SiO2), Magnesium Flouride (MgF2), Al, Enhanced Al, and Au.

Let Empire’s Optical coating engineers help you find the best performance and most durable solutions.

Passive Infrared (PIR) Lenses

PIR Fresnel Dome Lenses

Empire’s PIR Fresnel dome lenses are designed for wavelengths between 5 and 20 microns and used primarily for security and lighting control industries. Peak transmission falls between 9 and 12 microns. Short focal lengths are available for low-profile sensors.

Download our Passive Infrared PIR Fresnel Lens Datasheet to learn more.

PIR Lens Arrays

PIR motion sensor lens arrays are used in certain applications with a pyroelectric detector to create a detection pattern. Several models are available, each creating a detection pattern with a specific range and viewing angle. All arrays are optimized for dual-element pyroelectric devices and offer white light immunity to reduce false triggers. All arrays are also UV resistant (for outdoor applications) and designed for uniform sensitivity to reduce electronic gain.

Download our Passive Infrared Lens Array Datasheet to learn more.

Wide Angle Arrays:

WA 30.5

EWA 30.5 (additional datasheet)

WA 30.5 – 110

Dense Pattern Arrays:

DWA 30.5

Short Focal Length Arrays:

WA 23

WA 16.5

Pet Immunity Arrays:

PI 30.5

Ceiling Mount Arrays:

HC 22 (additional datasheet)

MC 22 (additional datasheet)