Development Process
Plastic Molding

At Empire Precision, we leverage a proven development process plastic molding to guide our customers through the early stages of new product development, helping them refine their design, then seamlessly transferring to high volume production. This partnership begins in Empires Idea Factory – “Where your ideas take shape”

Empire Difference

Idea Factory

The Idea Factory at Empire Precision Plastics is the first step in the conceptual injection molding process where Empire brings your product ideas to reality. We will collaborate with your team to understand their program needs and we will work with them to help create the best solution.  Empire will proactively manage your projects from conception to market entry and will continue these same management processes to address any ongoing modifications to part requirements needed to improve quality and performance.

We will initiate this collaboration by assigning an Advance Team to your project. This Advance Team will be led by a dedicated Program Manager with assistance from part designers, mold designers, tooling engineers, quality engineers, and if necessary, outside suppliers. The Advance Team will work with your team to understand the part design and functional requirements as well as your overall business strategy and will develop a comprehensive project plan.  As the plan progresses, you will have an open channel of communication to your Advance Team that will give you real-time project visibility.

Our ability to create molding process simulations, to test the feasibility and capability of molded parts for production and to provide you the tooling and equipment required for your project, ensures that your every program requirement will be met before going into production.

This will be accomplished by utilizing our extensive knowledge of injection molded plastics, technology like MoldEx 3D, implementation of scientific molding practices and in-house tool building capability. In short, the Idea Factory’s goal is to develop a manufacturable product with superior quality.

Whether it is a new program or transfer, the extensive experience of our team will help bring your project to fruition quickly, on time and get you to market faster!

You and your team will have peace of mind knowing that the Idea Factory’s experienced team of individuals are diligently working for you to enhance your competitive advantage and time to market.  At Empire Precision Plastics, your project success is our success. The Idea Factory- Where your ideas take shape!

Technology Center

The next step in our process is the Technology center.  Our injection molding equipment technology, helps us guide our customers through the tool building phase and leverage a Process Pedigree™ that validates and develops a repeatable manufacturing methodology that will seamlessly transfer to standardized production.

The Technology Center has a full-service tool room, including high-speed CNC equipment, that will execute the build of the tool and ensure all critical dimensions are met using our own proprietary Scientific Molding documentation software.  This plays a large part in the high quality of our molds.  Several of our molds have produced over 1.5 billion parts and counting.  We are also experienced in automation, part handling, and performance testing.  These can be analyzed without disruption of the project timeline.

Using the dedicated molding equipment in our Technology Center, Empire can perform initial process development and mold capability studies.  The team will then do the final validation in the production presses.  Whether it is mold building, engineering changes, mold repair, or maintenance.  Let our expertise and technology work for you.


empire-precision-operationsThe final step in our process is Operations; it is driven by the results from our passion for program development.  Once deployed to Operations, we employ an Injection molding operations services strategy that utilizes automation, a wide range of secondary services and supply chain management principles allowing us to develop and maintain a long-lasting relationship.

With more than 40 state-of-the-art machines, ISO Class 8/100,000 clean room capability, and single point diamond turning: Empire is uniquely positioned to produce high quality precision and optical parts in a variety of sizes and quantities. Empire also continuously invests in and updates our machinery and capabilities to ensure technical precision on every part.  Empire also has extensive experience with: Shipping JIT, KanBan, Blanket Orders, Kitting, Assembly and Subassembly capabilities, and lot traceability.

Empire has a mature and well documented ISO system (ISO 9001 and ISO 13485), as well as a well-documented quality plan.  Empire uses statistical methods and problem-solving techniques to ensure the process is monitored and adhered to in order to obtain the highest repeatable quality.  What you can expect from Empire is tireless documented effort to bring the highest possible quality to your next project.

Program Management

Empire Precision specializes in complete injection mold project management, integrating the design, prototyping, molding, and assembly for your assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Every project has a dedicated Manager to ensure as tasks are actioned, the client is kept informed on progress at each stage. Timing plans are used to monitor progress against agreed milestones and they ensure full control throughout the design, tooling, sampling, and production stages.  Quality and urgency are understood and designed.

Our customers move programs to Empire Precision for many reasons:

Advance Project Teams review your program requirements and tooling options to create a concept to meet time-to-market and assess manufacturing cost options. This cross-functional team has brought successful projects to market, time after time.

Working closely with your company, these professionals combine their collective experience in tooling, processing, metrology, and automation to offer you an optimized manufacturing solution.

Your Project Team will include:

  • Project Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Automation Specialist
  • Design Engineer
  • Tooling Engineer