White Room Expansion

Empire Precision prides itself on engaging with its customers and listening to their feedback. Our medical and optical customers have been clamoring for an intermediary between a normal injection molding floor (which can have higher airborne particle counts) and Empire’s cleanroom capabilities (which feature HEPA air filtration systems to remove particles).

After listening to feedback, Empire is proud to introduce a 4,800 square foot expansion of our production floor as a white room. The new white room will focus on the high-end technical molding of optical and medical components that require more protection from contaminants, but where a traditional cleanroom is not necessary. This will allow our strategic partners to have their complex parts produced with all the care and cleanliness required without the heightened cost point of clean rooms.

At Empire, we understand that we succeed only when we can help you succeed first. With that in mind, we are committed to offering the highest possible quality and an endless pursuit of improvement to ensure the success of your complex and important projects. Come see how Empire can help your ideas take shape.